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By Karen Vally on 15 Sep 2018

As much as we strive to bring about lasting happiness and pleasure in our lives, some form of pain and suffering is inevitable. It is part of being human. The discomfort that we experience comes about when we try to avoid or resist these feelings.

" When you practise acceptance, you are still disappointed, sad and perhaps even fearful... but you don't add the pain of non-acceptance to those emotions and make things worse." 

" Radical acceptance is about saying yes to life, just as it is."

How can we improve the way in which we navigate our way through life? Firstly, we need to be more compassionate towards ourselves.

" When we stand up to our inner critic, we are able to function in a more adult mode. We can have more patience with ourselves and be more open to real ways we may want to change or evolve. We will feel more empowered and less overwhelmed."

 Allowing ourselves some time each day to sit quietly without disturbance, to close our eyes, relax and remove ourselves from the rush and complexity of modern life, will help to restore a balance. What if we were to do this exercise outside in a beautiful setting?

" We can't always get what we want. When this reality is denied or resisted, suffering arises in the form of stress, frustration and self-crticism. When this reality is accepted, we generate the emotions of kindness and care that help us cope."


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