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Past, Present and Future

By Karen Vally on 09 Oct 2018

Where is our focus today - on the present moment, the past or the future? What if we were to focus exclusively on one of these 3 time frames? What if we were to find a way of using all three?

Taking some time to reflect on the past provides us with an opportunity to learn from our mistakes. Dwelling too much on the past can prevent us from seeing any good in our lives. Being too future-focused, can cause worry and agitation. If we choose to stay in the realm of the present, we might experience joy, but we may not have the necessary impetus to pursue our long term goals.

There are two possible ways in which we could think about the future. The first is thinking about what we want, and how we will make it happen and the second, is thinking about what we don't want, and how to prevent that from happening. The first would produce positive feelings and experiences, and the second would evoke negative feelings and a poor outcome.

Our ability to influence the future lies in the decisions we make today. When we take the time to be still, listen, reflect and plan, the life for which we are yearning, usually emerges.

 It is so easy to fall into the trap of "living in our heads" without noticing the world around us and how our bodies are responding. We need to be more acutely aware of what's going on inside and outside of ourselves, says Oxford's Professor Mark Williams. We could do so by being more aware of our thoughts and feelings and making greater use of our senses. We could even decide to discard our autopilot way of living.

 The amount of time we devote to thinking about these aspects of our lives, past, present and future, really does have an impact on its quality. The key is to create a balance between all three. We need to find a version that serves us in the most beneficial way.

" Painting a rich and vibrant life on a blank canvas requires intention, grace, surrender and will, all in proper balance."


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