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By Karen Vally on 10 Dec 2018

Most people feel exhausted at this time of the year but there are those who, despite the frenetic pace of life, still possess a very special quality, an effervescence that makes them stand out. What is the source of this incredible energy? They eat healthily, exercise regularly and have a positive attitude towards life.

" Vitality is a measure of the life force within you. When we're connected to our sources of vitality, not only do we have energy to be more active and get more done, but we're engaged, we're present. We feel that flow of life force pumping through  us."

The great news is that this vitality is a "renewable resource."

So, if you wish to reignite your vitality :

1. Decide what is most meaningful in your life and make that your priority.
2. Manage the pace at which you live your life. Regularly find a place to be still. 
3. Be generous. Accept the generosity of others.
4. Be a lifelong learner. Be creative. 
5. Socialise. Have fun. Be spontaneous. Laugh.
6. Rest.
7. Ask for help.

 The secret to vitality is to be aware of how we're feeling, slow down, fill the gaps and to reconnect with the things that energize us.

Vitality plays a fundamental role in our well-being. When we create a balance between what we eat, how active we are and what we think and feel, the quality of our lives is greatly enhanced.


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