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The Smooth Operator

By Karen Vally on 28 Jan 2019

Everyone has an ego. It's that feeling inside that makes us feel different from everyone else. It's that part of ourselves that feels the need to be special, seeks approval and is convinced that we lack something. Unless we are aware of how stealthily it operates, we can be easily influenced by this smooth operator.                    .                 

" If you want to reach a state of bliss, then go beyond your ego. Make a decision to relinquish the need to control, the need to be approved, and the need to judge. Those are the 3 things the ego is doing all the time. It's very important to be aware of them every time they come up." Deepak Chopra.

In order to manage the ego, the first step is to be aware that it exists and then to recognize when it is active. Just as we would exercise our bodies to remain healthy, so we should develop a few daily practices to  keep our minds alert.

Practise gratitude, honesty, kindness and contentment. Forgive yourself and others. Practise accepance, letting go and moving forward. Spend time alone. Remind yourself that you are beautiful, take responsibility for your life and be at peace.

" You shouldn't try to destroy the ego, rather integrate it into the wholeness of your being so you are not a servant to it." 

The ego is a bully. Strip it of its power by disciplining the mind and paying greater attention to the heart. Remove any limiting self-talk and examine the source of any pain or hurts. We can disempower the ego simply by giving it less responsibility.

Develop your ability to recognize when it is hard at work. When we feel the need to be right, complain a lot, blame others, feel jealous, compare ourselves to others or become self-absorbed, stop, look and listen. Shift the focus. Find ways in which to bring out the best in yourself and in others.

" The more we try to control people, circumstances and events, the more likely we are to lose them." Stephen Covey.

When Pat Lambie from The Sharks, was asked how he would like to be remembered, he said, " I guess it is not so much the highlights on the field but more the person I have been throughout my career. That would be more important to me than anything I have done on the field."
When we practise love, compassion and humility, the ego just melts.                                                                    

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