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The Big "E"

By Karen Vally on 21 Jun 2019

" Enthusiasm is like an inner sun that makes life easier, shinier and more enjoyable." How can we be enthusiastic about everyday life when it consists of the same old boring routine every day?

What if we were to change our attitude from "same old"  to " brand new" and then shift our focus onto those aspects of our lives for which we feel grateful? A good idea, is to say an affirmation while we are getting ready for the day ahead. This habit is particularly effective when it is a statement about one of our strengths.

Another useful way in which to grow our enthusiasm, is to imagine what our lives would be like and how we would feel when we accomplish our goal. What if we were to become more aware of the powerful way in which our imaginations can help us achieve our goals? It is one of our greatest assets and a formidable partner on our journey through life. It is our constant companion and  easily accessible. Watching children play will remind us of the wonder of our imaginations.       .

Enthusiasm is the spark that fuels our desire to begin a task. The challenging part is how to keep this momentum going. It is a good idea to have a realistic plan, to be organized and to have a routine that enables us to be more productive. The key is to eliminate all distractions and to focus on one task at a time. Choose a reward for each small success. Practise being patient and understanding.

 Read an inspiring book or have a conversation with an expert. Enthusiasm is contagious. Spend time in Nature, listen to music or have fun whenever the temptation to give up emerges.

Never underestimate the vital role that rest plays in cultivating a steady source of enthusiasm. Equally as important, is our well-being. If we eat healthily, drink sufficient water, exercise regularly and regularly restore a sense of balance in our lives, we feel more energetic. 

" In order to generate enthusiasm, you need to see yourself as a creator. That is, recognize that you can continually take the steps that you need to take in order to get what you want, regardless of what other people, or even life itself, throw at you." When we treat ourselves with kindness and compassion, life feels more pleasant and it's easier to sustain our level of enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm enables us to be proactive and to get things done. It is the indispensable spark that ignites our determination to keep on keeping on...


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