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Shifting Gears

By Karen Vally on 19 Jul 2019

Do you often feel like the person in the image above? What if you were to find a way to feel more comfortable on a daily basis? In a book entitled, " 5 Gears: How to Be Present and Productive When There is Never Enough Time," Jeremie Kubick and Steve Cockram explain how each gear requires a different attitude towards the use of our time. If we learn how and when to apply each gear, we will become more productive.

What are the 5 gears to which they refer?

5th Gear : When we remove all distractions and are task orientated. Focus Mode.

4th Gear : When we work hard on a number of tasks. Task Mode.

3rd Gear : Being with people. Social Mode.

2nd Gear : Spending time with family or friends. Relationship building. Connect Mode.

1st Gear : Unplugged from work and devices. Recharge Mode.

" If you figure out what 1st gear feels like for you and discipline yourself to spend more time there, more power will flow through you."

Here is an example from the book of how Shifting Gears would work in practice :

6 am  Wake time  1st Gear
7 am  Drive time    4th Gear
8 am   Work time  4th/5th Gear
12 noon  Lunch time  3rd/1st Gear
1 pm  Work time  4th/5th Gear
5 pm  Drive home  4th Gear
6 pm  Dinner time  2nd/3rd Gear
8 pm  Social time 2nd/3rd Gear
10 pm Bed time  1st Gear

In the book, a working mother describes how she naively thought that, because she disconnected from her devices as soon as she arrived home, she had moved out of 4th and 5th gear into 3rd or 1st. On closer examination however, she discovered that she actually had very little 3rd or 1st gear in her life at all. Even Kubick, while he was writing the book, as difficult as it was to take a break when there were deadlines, felt the benefit of regularly shifting out of 4th gear and into 2nd to spend time connecting with his family.

The next time that you drive your car, be aware each time you change gear and how it affects the speed of your car. What if you were to enhance your productivity by shifting gears more regularly?

And feel the difference when you make a commitment to yourself to REALLY rest and recharge...

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