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New You Next Exit

By Karen Vally on 09 Oct 2019

Recently, someone who is about to embark on a major career change which involves moving to another country, described it as the most difficult thing he has ever done. 

Changing your job or moving to another country evokes feelings of fear, anxiety and doubt. It's hard work and it's not easy saying goodbye to family and friends. Acknowledge those feelings. Work through them rather than suppressing or ignoring them. Ask yourself what you are most afraid of. Set realistic expectations. Be clear about what you want. Practise being kind and compassionate to yourself. You will probably be at your most vulnerable during this time. Resist the urge to "go it alone." This is a time when you will benefit from staying connected to family and friends.

Visualize how your life will be with these changes and imagine how you will feel. And then start writing a few things down. List the reasons why you want this change. Is it aligned with your values and beliefs? What obstacles might arise? How will you overcome them? What sacrifices will you have to make? What are the consequences of choosing not to change anything?

Have a plan and be willing to edit it along the way. Your life is a work in progress. Make a list of the skills and resources you need. How will you stay on track? How will you deal with unforseen setbacks? Along the way, reward yourself for each small achievement.

Change is essential for living a vibrant life. Fear of stepping into the unknown creates a monotonous, boring life. Change creates possibilities. The ability to adapt to new changes builds courage, confidence and resilience.

What is the most difficult thing you have ever done?
How did you manage to keep going when it was tough?
What benefits did you enjoy as a result of your tenacity?
What is the greatest lesson you learnt from this experience?


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