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By Karen Vally on 15 Nov 2019

Self-compassion has the potential to enhance our well-being. It involves acknowledging that we are all fallible human beings. It encompasses being able to step back and reflect on the situation and then being able to make a wise decision.

Psychologist, Dr Chris Germer says that there is no one size fits all method of practising self-compassion. Each situation requires a different kind of compassion. In one instance, a good night’s sleep would work best whereas in another, some motivating words such as, “I can do this!” might be the most effective response.

By practising self-compassion, we grow our emotional resilience and become more optimistic and contented. Anxiety and the fear of failure diminish. We become less critical of ourselves and we realise the futility of comparing ourselves with others.

“Self-compassion can hold any negative emotion. It can help with any challenge life throws your way.“

When faced with a challenge, Dr Neff asks herself, “What do I need to do right now? Oh yes, that’s right, self – compassion.”
Self-compassion, she says, can become a habit. Sometimes we need to just navigate our way through the pain knowing that “This too shall pass.”

What if we were to explore ways in which we could be more compassionate towards ourselves? Just imagine the potential that lies in that new habit...


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