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Incentives & Rewards

By Karen Vally on 01 Mar 2020

It's really difficult to consistently keep moving towards a goal when one doesn't see an instantaneous result or feel an immediate benefit. Choosing one big reward or lots of little ones, as part of one's planning process, helps to reduce the possibility of slipping back into old habits or the temptation to give up completely.

To ensure success, create a positive mindset, visualize your success or new lifestyle, then break your goal down into small steps and choose a reward for each accomplishment. Then decide on your daily action steps and enlist the support of at least one other person. Create an environment conducive to your success and remove all distractions, especially those emanating from your electronic devices. Place your phone on silent and check your devices only at certain times of the day.

Take regular breaks every 45 minutes. This enhances one's productivity. Review your progress regularly. Progress is actually the greatest motivator according to a study done at Harvard University. Research has also shown that the possibility of receiving a reward encourages a response.

 Here are some ideas from which to choose a reward : You will notice that they range from small to large.

1. Leisure time in which to do something you enjoy.
2. Going to the beach, mountains or a forest.
3. Listening to music.
4. Reading a book.
5. Going for a walk.
6. Going out for a meal.
7. Spending time with family and friends.
8. Having a massage or pampering session or a guilt-free nap.
9. Going to a live sports event, movie, comedy show, concert or the theatre.
10. Going on a picnic.
11. Visiting an art gallery or museum.
12. Going to your favourite coffee shop.
13. Watching a sunrise or sunset.
14. Buying something new for your home.
15. Buying a new outfit, a piece of jewellery or arranging a professional photo shoot.
16. Learning a new skill.
17. Going on holiday.
18. Having a party.
19. Buying a new gadget.
20. Buying a new car.

Reward yourself as you complete each step or when you have completed a significant milestone. Never let your setbacks derail you completely. Learn from them, do some research and try to do things differently. Ask for help from an expert.

" We need to think to plan but we need to feel to act."


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