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By Karen Vally on 15 May 2020

"The bottom line is that the smallest crowd that you will ever lead is you - but it's also the most important one."

Personal leadership, says Stephen Covey, is an ongoing process in which we should align our behaviour with our vision and values.

The lockdown has deepened my spiritual life and my appreciation of Nature, strengthened my marriage and increased my productivity. These and other benefits have occurred because, from the first day of the lockdown, I added a few new habits to my existing daily routine.

" A schedule can help you better organize and smooth out the whole process of getting things done, lowering your stress levels, as well as that impending need to constantly be busy working on tasks."

 Patience provides us with a greater sense of hope during difficult and challenging times. When we grow our patience, our well-being is enhanced, our ability to make wise decisions improves and our goals are more likely to be accomplished.

" Sometimes when you're at your most desperate, you shine the brightest because in these moments you've arrived at a point of surrender. This occurs when you realize that whatever you're up against is too big to face alone."  When we let go of the struggle and rely on the greatest force there is, we open the door and pave the way for a new beginning. When we grant ourselves permission to feel our feelings, we realize the benefit of surrendering.

" Love is the force that moves the entire universe...Love is caring and sharing.... Love is tolerance and understanding."

We have all been vigorously catapulted out of our comfort zones. May complancency be replaced with a sharper awareness, a greater sense of curiosity, wonder and awe and may compassion and generosity drive a new brand of creativity and innovation that leaves no place for greed to hide.

" This pandemic is far from a war, but it requires pulling together. And when people realize what collective action can achieve, it could change how they relate to others, resulting in a greater sense of community." This truly is a Golden Opportunity to do things differently and to share our time, talents and resources.

" Our world is fragile. Let's work together to preserve, enrich and enlighten it."

" None of us knows what might happen even in the next minute, yet we still go forward. Because we trust. Because we have Faith."

To live a great life, we must take consistent action in spite of our fears and doubts. There is no time to waste. Seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Avoid making assumptions.

" It is always better to ask questions than to make an assumption, because assumptions set us up for suffering."

Faith, Hope and Love, and the greatest of these is...

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