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Keeping Your Mind Clear and Your Heart at Peace

By Karen Vally on 10 Jun 2020

The whole world was taken by surprise when the news of the Corona virus was revealed. Life has changed in so many ways. Uncertainty reigns. How could we cope more effectively with our challenges?

Step back and gain a new perspective, When we look at all aspects of our situation, particularly when we ask for help from an expert, we see things differently and new possibilities emerge. The excitement that accompanies a breakthrough, often leads to an increase in productivity and a surge in creativity and innovation.

" And every artist knows that you need to step back (and step back often), to really see what you've done and where your brush needs to go next." When we step back, things become clearer and peace of mind replaces fear. Sometimes we just need to start again. 

In the coming week, practise gratitude, live healthily and have fun. Seek inspiration from a child, an old person or from someone who has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. Perform an act of kindness. 

Keep your mind clear and your heart at peace. Step back and gain a new perspective. 

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