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By Karen Vally on 13 Sep 2020

Before I met my coach in 2011, I did everything quickly and always felt tense. She helped me to see things differently and created several opportunities for me to experience the benefits of slowing down and feeling peaceful. I started meditating, stopping once a day to disconnect from my work and began eating my lunch sitting alongside a nearby stream, rather than at my desk. She also encouraged me to stand against a wall once a day and to take a few deep breaths. Gradually, I learnt how to change my way of being and my way of doing, Through these practices, I learnt how to cultivate a sense of calmness. 

In April 2015, I bought a book called, "Calm." by Michael Acton Smith. I am currently reading it for the third time. You may recognize the title, as it is also the title of a popular meditation app.

Every morning, since September last year, one of my clients has been sending me inspirational messages which I describe as my "word gifts." My favourite is the Daily Calm. The words are meaningful and motivating. Their simplicity makes them even more powerful. I am deeply grateful for these word gifts, as they greatly enhance the quality of each new day.

I think it would be true to say that most people are worried about some aspect of their lives and would dearly love to experience peace of mind. For as long as I have been a coach, a number of my clients have acknowledged that they often feel anxious and uptight. Family members, friends and clients have described how worrying sometimes deprives them of a good night's sleep. For this reason, I decided to do some research on Calmness, the quality that enables one to feel peaceful, tranquil, serene and entirely free from worry or agitation. It is a quality or state of mind that can easily be cultivated and regularly practised.

When did you last pay careful attention to the ways in which your body responds to your feelings? How well are you sleeping?  How often do you feel overwhelmed? To what extent does worry affect your ability to lead a healthy lifestyle? In what way does your breathing change? How does it affect your ability to focus? To what extent have you suffered  any pain or discomfort when you are worried about something?

You might find it helpful to try these :

1. Decide to get up earlier. Start the morning slowly and quietly. Begin with a few deep breaths. Do some exercise. Write down 3 things for which you feel grateful.

2. Close your eyes. Imagine that you are in your favourite place. Focus on your senses. Open your eyes when you are ready.

3. Observe yourself closely and try to be more kind and compassionate towards yourself. Forgive yourself when you make a mistake. Start again.

4. Eliminate unnecessary noise.

5. Choose to do one task at a time.

6. Smile more often.

7. Spend more time in nature.

" Being  calm deepens your ability to love and connect, ...your focus is sharper. you feel more confident, you notice more goodness in your life and you feel grateful. Calmness opens up space for you to feel hopeful... and it is a key component of happiness."



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