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Bridging the Gap

By Karen Vally on 15 Nov 2020

Our biggest problem in the world is a lack of understanding of ourselves and others. When human beings don't understand their own needs, a gap emerges. We tell stories, we judge, we blame...we grow the gap between us.

" But right now, we need to wipe the slate clean. The old rules no longer apply... we need to put the common good of the world ahead of ourselves, and take accountability wherever we personally can, to make that happen. The world is literally counting on it."

History has taught us that conflicting points of view are unavoidable. If we want to continue living in peace and harmony, we need to respect one another, lay down "our weapons," (our harsh words) and be able to forgive each another. Our purpose on earth is to help one other wherever and whenever we can.  Let us choreograph a new way of relating to one another, one based on respect, tolerance, wisdom, understanding and generosity.

The world would flourish if, driven by a mutually beneficial purpose, we were to unite, focus and choose productivity as our main priority. We need to become active participants in life. Let us begin by cultivating hope and being kind towards one another.
"Kindness transcends all faiths, all ages, all backgrounds, all languages, and can even reach across vast distances. An act of kindness, no matter how small, makes the world a better place in immeasurable ways."

Let us learn from the past and pay attention to the warning signs, before it's too late. We are all fully aware of what for us, is the most difficult thing to do. Let us do it anyway.

" Love has the power to give in a moment what toil can scarcely reach in an age." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.



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