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Building Your Legacy

By Karen Vally on 06 Dec 2020

There is a strong connection between a legacy and having hope. The very act of building a legacy is usually carried out with a strong conviction that the future will be better than the present. The good news is that such a creation is not limited to those who are wealthy and well-known. Every human being builds a legacy through the daily decisions we make, the actions we take and the challenges we overcome. The question is, "What drives us - the need to survive or the desire to make a difference?"

 "A legacy should be deeply considered...If we think of our legacy as a gift, it places an emphasis on the thoughtful, meaningful and intentional aspects of a legacy. "

Think for a moment of your relationships. If you're a parent, you have a wonderful opportunity to pass something onto your children. It might be teaching them about love, gratitude or respect for others and our environment. If you're a leader or a work colleague, you might have an opportunity to demonstrate commitment, decisiveness, motivation, empathy or humility. As a citizen, you might be able to identify opportunities in which to demonstrate your sense of responsibility, courage, compassion or generosity. 

A good starting point, is to know what matters. Building a legacy starts with the self and we get to know and understand ourselves when we regularly spend time in reflection, prayer, mindfulness or meditation. But building a legacy is so much more than making something of ourselves. In essence, it's about sharing a part of (or all) of ourselves with others and the world. Knowing our values and our strengths provides a strong foundation on which to build a legacy. Then think of a few words that describe the "footprint" you would like to leave behind. I have chosen these words taken from my Mission Statement, "I want to leave a legacy as someone who really cared." If you're not sure of yours, try observing your natural tendencies.

Creating a legacy is not about death. It's about life. Leaving a legacy is not something we should leave for tomorrow, or when we retire, but rather something to pay attention to right now.

" A legacy isn't just a project. It doesn't happen overnight. However, if you connect with your true purpose and create your legacy with dedication, hard work and meaningful contribution, you can make a mark that's forever celebrated."

Start with those to whom you are closest and with whom you spend most of your time. Leave your

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