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Find Your Anchor (It's very turbulent and noisy out there!)

By Karen Vally on 05 Jan 2021

Life was busy before Covid stealthily and unexpectedly launched its attack on humankind. But now life is busier, noisier and more unpredictable than ever before. It's as if the rug has been pulled out from under our feet. It was gingerly put back so that we could celebrate Christmas, but now it's been snatched away again. We feel like a ship at sea, violently tossed about by the tumultuous waves in a seemingly never-ending storm.

As this invisible enemy gathers momentum and advances rapidly, panicstricken humankind, runs for cover, acutely aware of having been caught unawares.

" Anchors are those things that provide stability and security. They are those people, places or things that bring about comfort, a feeling of home and an experience of peace. Without strong anchors, the storms of life can derail us."

When we take the time to focus on the people with whom we share our daily lives; the experiences that have moulded us; the words and songs that have inspired us; the places where we have felt safe; the activities that we love; the values we treasure and the goals that drives us, we can reignite our courage and confidence and steadfastly face the future with renewed hope.

"Connecting to anchors won't necessarily make stormy moments disappear but they definitely help us ride out the waves. They can hold us firm and allow us to stand a little stronger."

Share your challenges with someone you trust. Go on an adventure or laugh with a friend. Listen to your favourite song or read some inspiring words. Recall memories of your favourite places. Enjoy the loving embrace and encouraging words of your partner, child, relative or friend. Be guided by your core values and motivated by your goals.

Shut out the incessant noise of the world and seek the truth. Make wise decisions as you bravely put one foot in front of the other. Decide to do things differently. We're all in this together. Let's give each other the love and support we need. Humankind has demonstated how well we can use our heads. This time, we need to use our heads AND our hearts. That is, if we want to survive.


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