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Cultivate Courage Listen to Your Inner Voice

By Karen Vally on 13 Aug 2021

Your inner voice is that little voice within you that guides you along the path of life, as you search for lasting happiness, joy and fulfillment. It is a powerful tool if you take the time to access it.

One of the reasons why so many people struggle to hear their inner voice, is because they're too busy.

"It is all too easy in the rush of everyday life not to give ourselves the time, solitude and stillness to pay attention to what is genuinely going on inside ourselves, to make sense of the confusion of thoughts, feelings and sensations."

When we slow down, pay attention and take the time to notice what is going on within us, suddenly, the beauty of pausing becomes more appealing than our default setting of go-go-go. We exit autopilot and enter the realm of awareness. It is in this environment that our inner voice thrives.

Listening to our inner voice involves work. "Similar to any other relationship, you have to get to know it.You have to get to know how it sounds and the things that it says."

Sometimes, it's not a voice but a feeling, so it's important to pay attention to our feelings. They provide us with feedback by drawing our attention to certain aspects of our lives. We need to learn how to interpret these feelings rather than ignoring or fobbing them off. 

It is helpful to take note of the different ways in which our inner voice communicates with us. If we feel confused, we should give ourselves some time and space by recalling a time when we felt prompted to take what seemed like an illogical action, and how well things turned out in the end. Such occasions are trustworthy vindications of how perceptive our inner voice really is.

In March 2019, as the news of Covid was breaking worldwide, we were about to make the necessary travel arrangements to visit our daughter and son-in-law, in Belguim. On hearing the news, my inner voice said, "Don't go. This is serious." How accurate that little voice turned out to be.

When Natasha Sideris, CEO and founder of Tashas Group, was asked which mistake in her career taught her the most valuable lesson, she replied, "The biggest mistake I have made was to be pressured to take a site that I knew wouldn't work. I should have listened to my gut and stood my ground."

"Once we learn to hear our inner voice consistently, and are courageous enough to take action on its guidance, our successful track record grows." 

Not surprisingly, there are many voices playing out in our heads, so how do we know which one represents our inner voice? It is usually the first one that makes its presence felt. It is ever present and acutely aware.

"If we can free ourselves from our need to seek approval from others, we can more readily learn to listen to our inner voice of wisdom. We must learn to trust our judgement about what matters to us and what direction to take in life. If we do, we are likely to be healthier and happier."

Choose curiosity over fear. "Curiosity calls forth a sense of playfulness, openness and wonder. From that emotional space, you're much more likely to hear your inner voice."




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