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What is it like being a "Newie" (A new Life Coach in Cape Town)?

By Karen Vally on 26 Oct 2021

Opening a business in a new area is never easy but, in my world, there's always a way. We moved into our new home in the Western Cape on 2 April 2019. My first coaching client was a referral from a client in my previous home town, Pietermaritzburg, where I had lived and worked as a fitness instructor and financial advisor for 25 years.

My next coaching client was a personal trainer at the local gym. My third coaching client was a referral from the personal trainer. Thereafter, I gained clients from the various networking groups that I joined. Then on 27 March 2020, the first of several Covid-induced lockdowns began.

Throughout my life, I have been driven by the desire to build lasting client relationships. During the pandemic, I have kept in touch with previous coaching clients and have used social media to advertise the unique opportunity of a free "no strings attached" coaching session and to market my recently-published, inspirational perpetual calendar, "from me to you."

So what has it been like as a new life coach in Cape Town?

It has been such an exciting challenge during which I have met so many interesting people, many of whom have been experts in their field. As a result, I have learnt a lot.

The greatest opportunity arrived earlier this year, when a friend from my previous home town, who had already relocated to the Western Cape, invited me to a Cape Chamber Networking Meeting in Gordon's Bay. What a great opportunity it was to meet new people and to share with them the benefits of life coaching. As a result, a month later, I decided to join the Cape Chamber.

Recently, I attended to a networking luncheon at Somerbosch Wine Estate which was hosted by the Helderberg Chapter of the Cape Chamber. Once again, I was made to feel very welcome and enjoyed yet another opportunity to share with members, the ways in which life coaching enhances the quality of our lives.

It's so exciting being a new life coach in Cape Town, as it has given me an opportunity to meet new people and to grow in wisdom and understanding, especially as a result of the variety of webinars offered by the Cape Chamber. By taking advantage of such dynamic networking opportunities to get to know its members, I have no doubt that my life coaching practice will grow from strength to strength.

Networking is a powerful force. In fact, it's the "Strongest Link." Thank you, Doc Groovy.

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