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It's in Our Hands

By Karen Vally on 19 Jul 2022

How long is your life going to be? How much time do you have in which to do the things you want to do? If only we knew the answer to these two questions.

What would you like to start doing? What would you like to stop doing? What would you like to continue doing? What could you do differently? How could you make a greater difference in your own life and in the world around you? Perhaps a good place to start, is to notice your thoughts, your feelings and your words. What do you say to yourself? How often do you complain about what's wrong with your life and the world? How often do you make excuses? How often do you blame others?

How often are your thoughts and words filled with hope? To what extent do you take responsibility for what you do, or don't do?

The best feeling in the world is to feel loved, supported and empowered. The worst feeling in the world, is to feel alone.

The best strategy in life, is the one that comes so naturally to children. It's to ask questions, because each time we ask ourselves a question, we want to find the answer.

Let's pause for a moment and reflect on what happens when we wake up. We are all presented with the same gift - twenty-four hours. How do we greet our most precious gift? How will we use it? It's in our hands.

When did you last do an audit of the various aspects of your life, such as the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, as well as the state of your relationships, your career and your relationship with money? How heathy are your habits? When was the last time you acknowledged your progress by giving yourself a reward? How will you sustain your progress? How much time and money are you willing to invest in your personal development? Who will support you? What will the benefits be?  It's in our hands.

How would you rate yourself as a citizen? To what extent does the way you live your daily life have an impact on your family, friends, colleagues, community and the world? To what extent are you an active citizen? What plans have you implemented to improve your quality of life, that of your loved ones and those around you? How mindful are you of the lifestyle choices you make and the impact they have?

What do you think the world needs right now? Most people believe that the world needs more effective leaders who take decisive ACTION. It is clear that UNITY is lacking. Human beings are yearning for peace, acceptable living conditions and an opportunity to earn a decent living. What the world needs is a new set of values. We need a greater degree of tolerance, acceptance, understanding, compassion and hope, so that mutual trust can be re-established. It's in  our hands.

" We are the same but different. We are unique, but part of a greater whole."

"We have knowledge at our fingertips, yet, this does not always translate into wisdom."

It is an irrefutable fact that humankind has achieved many great things. However, it is also glaringly obvious that this has been at an enormous cost and that currently, our survival is under threat. How naive we are. How complacent we have become. We are like sheep without a shepherd.

We all know the WHAT. It's the HOW that requires the EFFORT.

It's in our hands.   



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