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How to Fall in Love with Life Again

By Karen Vally on 14 Aug 2022

The reason why we often feel so heavily burdened by life, is usually because we have cut ourselves off from it. How could we rekindle a zest for life?

Firstly, we could be more open to change. What if we were to be more curious? We ARE our habits and these habits create patterns in our behaviour. It is really helpful to observe ourselves, "in action." Where could we begin?

When did you last smile? When was the last time that you laughed? How well did you sleep last night? How many glasses of water have you drunk today? How nutritious is the food that you eat? How often have you exercised this week? How much fun have you had?

" Stepping out of our bubble and taking action helps us move in new directions and possibly feel happier within." 

How could we set the tone for a little bit of dreaming and then formulating a new goal and a few steps to take in that direction? Creating a little bit of silence is such a soothing escape from our seemingly neverending stream of messages and emails. Perhaps you would prefer to listen to some great music to inspire you.

When did you last visit a new place, acquire a new skill or engage in a creative activity? When did you last read a book, listen to a podcast or watch a documentary or a TED talk? When we commit to lifelong learning, life becomes more interesting.

When did you last clear out your cupboards? When our environment is clean and clear, it enhances our mood, our effectiveness and our productivity.

How often do you suffer from boredom or despondency? " By devoting our time and energy to a cause much bigger than ourselves, we ironically realize what a huge impact we can have on the world when we aren't just focused on our own self-interest. Sometimes, the first step to improving yourself, is forgetting all about yourself."

" When we get bored or restless, we don't necessarily have to move on. By taking the long way home, I fell back in love with my town. By changing my physical perspective, I was able to see all of the possibilities that had been there all along...This walk brought me back to the basics and opened my heart back up to the magic. I didn't have to move to a new place, a place that would inevitably become home and lose its magic if I let it. I just had to change my perspective."

How would you rate the quality of your relationships, with yourself and others? Tony Robbins says, " The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships, and that includes your relationship with yourself."

You're aware by now of the importance of good quality sleep, drinking adequate amounts of water, eating  nutritious food, exercising regularly and having fun, but how kind and compassionate are you towards yourself? How would you describe the quality of your self-talk? How often do you give your brain a break? Did you know that regular breaks enhance productivity, creativity and improve our memories?

 When did you last schedule quality time with your loved ones? Cultivate lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial. Help others whenever you can. Tell someone that you love and appreciate them. Pay a compliment. Offer praise. It makes others and ourselves feel good.

Take responsibility for everything you do, make wise decisions by choosing long-term gain over quick-fixes or immediate gratification. Be thankful for everything.

" It's important not to close ourselves off from experiencing new things. But rather look at life with curiosity and say 'Yes' a little more often."

 One of the major reasons that people feel disillusioned with their lives, is because they've become oblivious to it. Consciously choosing to live in the present moment, removes this emptiness and replaces it with a renewed sense of excitement.

" Falling back in love with your life requires a little determination and reflection, but mostly it's about letting go and just tuning in to your most authentic self, the world and the people around you."

Visualize what you truly value in life, set a goal and choose the actions that you need to carry out that will lead you to your destination...

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