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You know the WHAT but how good are you at the HOW?

By Karen Vally on 16 Oct 2022

Most human beings have a tendency to resist change. We're hard on ourselves, compare ourselves with others and worry about what they think. We allow fear, anxiety and doubt to paralyze us, as we agonize over the past and ruminate over the future.

The most common challenge in life, is learning how to get out of our own way. This involves being willing to "unwire" and "rewire" our brains. It starts with a willingness to take reponsibility for who we are, who we could become, and for what we have, or have not done.

One of our greatest daily challenges, is learning how to manage the way we think. Other challenges include, how to get started, how to deal with unexpected setbacks and how to consistently stay on track. Many people lack the internal resources, such as courage, confidence, dicipline and perseverance. Others are held back by an inability to plan and to manage their time effectively. Some lack a sense of direction and purpose. Others pay little or no attention to their health and well-being, usually because they allow their work to become all-consuming, or because of their inability to set clear limits and boundaries.

We all know what we want. It's the how with which we struggle.  But life needn't be a struggle. It often becomes one when we try to overcome our challenges all on our own.

What if you were to do an audit on your life right now by asking yourself : What can I learn from my current situation? What could I do differently? How could I improve my environment? Who could help me? Yes, many of you will have heard these questions before. Repetition is the key to mastery.

What if you were to choose a suitable expert or someone that you know and trust. When you share your thoughts and feelings with someone else, you begin to see things differently and new possibilities begin to appear. When you feel supported and guided, you will be amazed at the exponential progress you make.

"We need to talk to and listen to those who have been where we want to go, because they can teach us a lot about how to get there."

 The only way to overcome a challenge, is to take action. Successful people approach challenges calmly, searching for the most effective solution and then implement it. They conquer fear by flipping it onto its head and leaning into it. Their triumphs fuel their future challenges. They know that fear is a choice. They replace it with curiosity.

Learning how to overcome our challenges is a skill worth developing. Preparation is undeniably the best strategy. Build your resilience, adopt positive, empowering thoughts and recall your previous successes, starting with learning to walk (someone was there to support and guide you), learning to talk (someone was there to support and guide you), learning to read and write (someone was there to support and guide you), obtaining an education (someone was there to support and guide you), learning to drive (someone was there to support and guide you), acquiring a job (someone was there to support and guide you) and all your other achievements of which you are proud (someone was there to support and guide you.) Chances are that you already have a strong support system. Perhaps you just need to use it more regularly. You will be surprised at how many people are willing to help you succeed. Know that you are not alone.

So when a challenge emerges, resist the temptation to circumnavigate it by seeking comfort in other things. Put on your armour and stick to your daily routine, ensuring that you eat healthily, exercise regularly and get sufficient sleep. This will help you to feel anchored, confident and focused.

"It's impossible to reach your full potential if you are constantly somewhere else, unable to fully embrace the reality (good or bad) of this very moment."

"Your success is driven by your mindset."

How would you describe your mindset right now?


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