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By Karen Vally on 09 May 2023

It takes a lot to derail me, but a recent bout of flu set me back quite considerably. It completely sapped me of my energy. As result of plenty of bed rest, lots of liquids and a Vitamin B injection, I have finally been able to resume my daily activities. Since I seldom sleep during the day, I was determined to use this opportunity to read. I finished four books and embarked upon some research for this blog. In deciding on a topic, I stumbled across a number of articles that have been written about Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. My interest immediately piqued, as he was one of my major sources of inspiration during my early career as a financial advisor with Old Mutual.

I am sure that you will have heard of his 7 Habits that can be applied to both our personal and professional lives:

1. Be proactive.
2. Begin With The End in Mind.
3. Put First Things First.
4. Think Win-Win.
5. Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood.
6. Synergize.
7. Sharpen the Saw.

Stephen Covey was also very clear on the benefits of knowing the difference between what's important and what's urgent and then applying that insight to our daily routines. How do you differeniate between the two in your personal and professional lives? What are the benefits of being more aware of the difference?

It feels so good to feel human again. One of my core beliefs is that we don 't really appreciate something until we've lost it. I certainly have a renewed sense of appreciation of my health and well-being.

When did you last notice how uncomfortable life feels when something unexpected happens? When we're in the thick of an unexpected challenge, it often feels as if it's going to last forever. Similarly, when life is going along smoothly, we're lulled into thinking that it's always going to be that way. Oh how naive and forgetful we are about the very volatile nature of life itself. Life is neither smooth nor predictable. When will we ever learn? 

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