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Under Pressure

By Karen Vally on 17 May 2023

It's wonderful being human. We have a free will. We have a choice. We always have a choice. We can think and reason. We can brainstorm as we explore our options. We can even draw on the wisdom and understanding of others.

What does it mean to feel "under pressure"? It means to feel so tightly hemmed in, that we feel as if we're going to explode. Perhaps we're faced with a looming deadline, or we have an important decision to make. Perhaps we feel all alone, or perhaps others are dependent on our next move.

But maybe it's none of these. Perhaps it's a self-induced pressure, learned-behaviour from being eternally plugged into the world's way of "living."

Perhaps now is a good time to NOTICE SHIFT and REWIRE.

What if we were to embrace Richard Carlson's philosophy and refrain from "sweating the small stuff"?

While I am fully aware that many of you reading this blog are professionals who are plagued by "pressing" issues, I encourage you to unravel the serious from the less important. Part of the human condition, is for the mind to spiral into a state of panic when something unexpected happens. It is in those moments of fear, anxiety and doubt, that it helps to pause and to pivot, literally, so that we're facing in another direction, preferably, looking up at the big blue sky, a stark reminder of how small our problems really are, in the bigger scheme of things.

How does a shift of focus really help in times like these? Firstly, our state of mind is crucial. We are much more likely to cope with our challenges and to find lasting solutions, when we know how to convert panic into calmness. We are much less likely to cultivate resentment towards life's inevitable ups and downs, if we practise patience and acceptance, rather than engaging in a futile battle with life.

When we choose to pursue lasting happiness rather than a quick fix, a short cut or some form of immediate gratification, our lives become much more meaningful.  


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