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What is Life Really Like? (How Does It Feel To Be You?)

By Karen Vally on 29 May 2023

What is your life really like right now? How does it feel to be you? We seldom stop to reflect on our own situations and how we're feeling, because most of the time, we're too busy seeing to the needs of others and fulfilling our duties, obligations and responsibilities. If we're lucky, we might catch our breath just before climbing into bed at night, for a well-deserved rest, only to begin this relentless cycle again the next morning.

Surely there's a more comfortable way in which to live, or are we destined to hang on desperately during this inevitable "rollercoaster ride"?

"The hard way is forcing things to happen. The easy way is allowing things to happen."

Unpleasant situations in life are unavoidable. They're part of being human, but cultivating a sense of calmness strengthens our ability to cope more effectively.

"Rather than waiting for things to change in order to improve your mindset, changing your mindset can help improve things for you."

What if we were to build that resilience by practising contentment, feeling more confident and tackling our minor challenges head-on, knowing that things will inevitably work out? The alternatives of stress, insecurity, anxiety, depression, burnout and conflict and their wideranging effects, are too painful to contemplate.

Finding inner peace and lasting happiness is possible, irrespective of our circumstances. These qualities are deeply enhanced when we prioritize our physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being and when we participate in activities that we enjoy. 

"A calm life, experiencing inner peace and happiness, does not mean you'll never face stress. Rather, it makes you a more resilient person and helps you deal with stress in a far more constructive manner."

"The world believes, 'Success makes you happy.' The truth is, happiness makes you successful." 

One thing is certain, we cannot fix our lives by working on the outside.



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