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Hidden Possibilities

By Karen Vally on 15 Jan 2024

"There's one big problem with opportunity...It is often hard to find and even harder to harness...Unless you're naturally good at it, finding and capitalizing on an opportunity needs to be a deliberate focus."

At the outset, it is helpful to remind ourselves that our brains are wired for survival. They focus on what's wrong, what we haven't done and on where we fall short. The great news, is that with a shift in focus and a change of mindset, we can embark upon a journey of exploration to discover these hidden opportunities. 

"An older fish greets two young fish, 'Morning boys! How's the water? One of the younger fish turns to the other one and says, 'What the hell is water?'"

When did you last look closely at your surroundings? The world keeps us busy, distracted and tired. The only way to discover hidden possibilities is to extricate ourselves from its suffocating grip.

It begins with a steadfast belief in ourselves. In the words of Tony Robbins, " Your beliefs create your world." 

"One of the most powerful things you can do if you truly want to unlock your hidden potential, is to believe in yourself." This will fuel your motivation.

"Most of us go through life avoiding our feelings. We want to escape ourselves. But those who know how to unlock hidden potential...understand that it requires a deep examination of your inner self. Only once you know what's inside you can you unlock it."

"Just being aware of how you are  thinking and feeling helps you find hidden opportunities you didn't expect."

"Life is all about overcoming adversity. In order to see our potential, we must heal from our past pain." It is encouraging to know that our struggles are often the catalyst for revealing new possibilities.

"It's incredible what can happen when you stop driving with the emergency brake on."

Since it's the first month of a new year, it is useful to review the previous year's accomplishments and challenges and to make a note of the lessons learnt. Examine the foundations you have laid.

"Once you understand how to build a solid foundation and make time to maintain it, everything else gets easier."

 Visualize what you want. Vividly imagine it - often. It's a powerful source of momentum.

"When you study what works, you get clearer about what you want, you're more likely to experience joy and your feelings of success build a momentum that keeps moving you forward."

"A focused mind is a powerful mind."

Take time daily to review and reflect. Ask appropriate questions such as, "What went well? What frustrated me? What else went well?" Keep learning, growing and building lasting relationships. When we meet new people, we encounter different perspectives. Be curious. Be resilient and adaptable. Be humble and seek guidance. Manage your time effectively. Grow your strengths and take meticulous care of your well-being. Know what energizes you and when your creativity flows. Surround yourself with optimistic people. Be alert. 

Cultivate calmness by setting boundaries and only accepting a manageable number of tasks. Meditate regularly and try a yoga practice.

"Getting to know yourself better can lead you down a path of discovery to find what remains hidden."

"When you focus on what's not working, you see more of what's not working, and it becomes hard to notice the opportunities around you."

"The key to discovering opportunities is adjusting your mindset and your vision to see them in front of you. Be patient, be positive and stay open to the idea that you can change obstacles into opportunities."

What if we were to slow down, stretch ourselves and allow the light to shine on what was previously hidden from our eyes?

 "We are all born with distinctive talents and gifts that may not be immediately apparent. With dedication and exploration, we can uncover hidden talents to make the most of our lives...Every individual is capable of success." When we take the time to discover our hidden capabilities, even more possibilities often emerge.


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