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In Which Direction Are You Heading?

By Karen Vally on 24 Feb 2024

I am acutely aware that most people don't like being told what to do. Coaches don't tell people what to do. We ask questions. If only a childlike curiosity were to remain active in all adults, and they were filled with a burning desire to keep exploring possibilities, instead of settling for "what is."

There is no more convincing evidence of the benefits of coaching, than in the fields of sport, arts and culture. Coaching is life-changing and long-lasting. It works because a person is given an opportunity to think, talk and write about what he or she really wants. It's an oportunity to spend time with yourself, in the presence of a coach.

One of the greatest benefits of coaching, is that we learn how to self-correct. My interest in human potential started in 1996 when I became a financial advisor. At the time, I subscribed to a weekly newsletter called, "Tips," by Philip Humbert, a coach in USA, who has since retired. Every Monday morning, his words inspired me with the courage I needed, to prospect for new clients.

"Whether a person decides to hire a coach or not, one element of any coaching process is critical - the ability to self-coach." Self-coaching is the ability to hear and respond to one's inner voice. Despite the fact that we all have an inner voice, we don't always hear it, listen to it or trust it. To do that, we need to shut out the noise of the world around us.

"The power of self-coaching relies on the fact that you can learn to defeat whatever holds you back in life." 

"Self-coaching is the process of introspection and self-reflection that enables us to develop critical thinking skills and increase our self-awareness."

"Self-coaching is a highly effective way to develop problem-solving skills and increase creativity and decision making abilities. By taking responsibility for our own personal growth and development, we become more resilient and adaptable and better able to navigate the challenges of work and life."

Coaching and mentoring radically transformed my life and has been the major contributing factor to my success as a coach and mentor. The self-coaching that I embarked upon as early as 1996, has been the catalyst for my continuous growth and my burning desire to empower others to reach their true potential.

I truly believe that we're only skimming the surface of our potential, until we engage with a coach or mentor who inspires us to see things differently. I steadfastly believe that, what I describe as, a "conversation with a purpose," will draw more out of you than you will ever be able to draw out of yourself. When we choose someone other than a spouse, family member, friend or colleague, with whom to discuss what we truly want in life, something very different and exciting starts to happen.

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