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The T Word (Tracking Your Progress)

By Karen Vally on 12 Jun 2024

 In my research on this topic, I came across an interesting story about a young comedian who asked Jerry Seinfeld how he could achieve success. Jerry's reply was that to become a better comedian, he had to write better jokes, and to write better jokes, he had to write every day. He also gave the young comedian a very specific tip to ensure that he accomplished this goal of writing every day. He told him to buy a large wall calendar and to hang it where he would see it often. On each day that he achieved his goal of writing jokes, he should put an X on that particular day on the calendar. Once he had created a row of X's, he should try not to break that chain.

Another interesting story I came across, was about a writer who wasn't tracking his writing as often as he could have been, so he began checking in, every day, with his thoughts, emotions and challenges. Suddenly, his brain went into "find a solution mode" and he began to experiment with himself to see what would work. Soon, he discovered that the cause of his overwhelm was insufficient preparation. As soon as he began to set aside time to prepare to write, it worked.

What stops people from tracking their progress? Usually it's because they don't have a clearly defined goal, haven't set a deadline, don't have a plan, are inconsistent, easily discouraged, aren't using an effective tracking method, are easily distracted or they just don't see the benefits of reviewing their progress regularly. 

"If you aren't tracking your progress, how do you know that you're making any?"

"You can't manage what you don't measure."

"We are often afraid of setting goals just because we fear that we may not be ambitious enough to fulfil them. Setting goals is complex, tracking them is a marathon not a sprint. Goal tracking is the best way to ensure that the distance between the present and your ideal future is getting smaller and smaller, and that you are moving closer to becoming one with your future self."

When  we begin to track our progress, our ability to focus improves, our level of motivation increases, we manage our time more effectively, we become accountable to ourselves, our performance is enhanced, our ability to make wiser decisions improves, our self-awareness grows, our personal growth is enhanced and we have a greater sense of accomplishment.

"When you commit to monitoring your progress, you acknowledge your responsibility for your growth and success. This sense of accountability motivates you to take consistent action. By tracking your progress, you create a feedback loop that enables continuous improvement. Identifying what's working well and what needs adjustment, allows you to refine your strategies and optimize your efforts."

"Every time you measure your physical activity, you gain insight into where you are now, where you were in the beginning and how far you've got left before reaching your goal."

"Tracking your progress allows you to see improvement over time. This can help boost your motivation and confidence, as you see the results of your hard work. Tracking your progress can help you to identify any areas where you may need to adjust your routine." Tracking also creates opportunities to celebrate small wins along the way.

"When you give yourself permission to focus on progress, not perfection, you're putting yourself in a position to be more productive than ever."

"When you track your progress, you naturally become more purposeful about the work you do which can create the kind of meaning that so many of us search for in our daily work."

"Tracking your progress may seem tedious, but that one addition to your routine may just be the deciding factor in your ability to achieve your goals."



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