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What Makes Your Soul Dance?

By Karen Vally on 12 Jul 2013

Whilst the sight of butterflies, bridges and rainbows, as well as that of the ocean, a waterfall, fish in a tank, birds in flight, a sunrise or a sunset, bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart, there really is only ONE thing that makes my soul dance-and that's music!

One of the highlights of my life, was being invited into the Zone Radio studio on the occassion of our son's first live broadcast, almost two years ago. Zone Radio is a Cape Town based, internet radio station, with nineteen presenters, who play the music that their listeners want to hear, from the various genres, 24/7.We have been loyal supporters ever since. Hardly a day goes by, when I do not tune in, some time between 3 and 6pm. There is something very special about hearing your name mentioned on air, followed by your favourite song. My soul never fails to dance!

But that's not the only thing that makes my soul dance. I have recently begun giving extra lessons to a Grade 6 pupil, and in order to have some fun during her breaks, I bought some bubble fun and some hand and finger puppets! We have had so much fun watching the bubbles float in the air before they pop, and wriggling our hands and fingers about to make the puppets come alive.                                                                
So, if it's not butterflies, bridges, rainbows, the ocean, a waterfall, fish in a tank, birds in flight, a sunrise or a sunset, bubbles or puppets that move your soul, then what is your favourite thing? What makes your soul dance? What simple pleasure brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart?

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