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A Kaleidoscope Of Ideas And Inspiration

By Karen Vally on 24 Aug 2013

What a kaleidoscope of ideas and inspiration I collected during this special women's month of August, from the wise words of Kevin McShane (principal of Varsity College) on Leadership, Carol Bailie ( on The 5 Languages of Love, Leon Grove' ( on Creativity and Ina Cronje, MEC for Finance in KZN, on "The Role of Women in the Economy".

Kevin spoke of the need for leaders to spend time daily, in quiet self reflection. Carol believes that it's love that enables us to reach our potential, and that "love asked for is of a lower value than love given freely."  Leon emphasized that creativity is a matter of perspective,and that there's always more than one right answer. The key is being in the "place of most opportunity."  Ms Ina Cronje said that women are the largest economic force in the world and that they should create their own jobs, thus creating employment for others. She stressed the need for an attitude of life long learning, financial literacy, innovation and a sharing of the parental load.

She advised women to stand together, to network, to ask for and to accept help, to focus on what they do best, to set a high standard of work ethics, to build trusting relationships and to save, save, save.

She said that we all needed to make sacrifices and concluded with the words of the Reggae singer, Peter Tosh, "Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die."

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