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Awesome Wonder

By Karen Vally on 21 Sep 2013

We parked our hired car at Hout Bay beach and began the long walk up Chapman's Peak Drive. The weather was perfect. As we came around one of the bends, it seemed as if we were looking through one of God's windows - to the right, there appeared a V-shaped gap in the vegetation. Through it, we could see the vast, bright blue Atlantic Ocean- which was so calm, that it resembled an enormous blue tablecloth with layers of white lace adorning it.

But that wasn't all. Suddenly, I heard the sound of running water. Crossing the road, I looked up, and to my delight, I saw a dazzling white waterfall cascading down the mountain side. As I stood there, mesmerized by Mother Nature in all her glory, the words of my favourite hymn echoed in my head..." When I in awesome wonder, consider all the things Thy hands have made, Then sings my soul..."

When we reached the next bend, we stopped to admire a view of the big wide ocean just once more, before embarking upon our descent. We greeted the cyclist standing alongside us, and agreed how fortunate we were to be standing at one of the most beautiful spots in the world. She enquired whether or not we had been up Table Mountain, and when I replied that I suffered from vertigo, she suggested that we walk along the road leading  up to Table Mountain, a road that we didn't even know existed. So the next day, we set off again, in pursuit of yet another breathtakingly beautiful experience... 

For the first time in our numerous trips to Cape Town, I chose to do things differently. I chose to spend the majority of my time in the presence of some of Mother Nature's finest treasures. And I'm so glad that I did. This time, as I departed from my favourite city, I took with me a sense of every cell in my body having been filled with peace, serenity and a new appreciation of nature. My soul was not only singing, it was dancing too!

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