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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

By Karen Vally on 29 Nov 2013

Every day we make hundreds of decisions - some trivial and others much more significant, such as choosing a partner, relocating, changing one's lifestyle or changing one's job. The ability to make a wise decision is not a skill that one learns at school. It is usually acquired through calling on others for advice, or simply by trial and error. In today's complex world, making a wise decision can be overwhelming.

Try to avoid hasty decisions by breathing deeply instead of reactly impulsively. Be mindful of your values, those qualities that are really important to you. Gather as much information as possible. Reduce the number of options by filtering through this information. Pray about it. Listen to what your instinct is telling you. Seek the advice of family, friends, experts and mentors. List the pros and cons. Weigh up the risks againgst the potential rewards and then... make a decision.

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