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The Butterfly Reflects on 2013

By Karen Vally on 24 Dec 2013

Life coaching has transformed my life. New Insights promises its coaches "freedom, confidence and growth". I am happy to say that I am experiencing all three of those. It did not happen overnight. For some time, I was too afraid to leave the comfort of my "cocoon" (even though I felt extremely uncomfortable there). How happy I am that I finally had the courage to do so. It has enabled me to live my dream. I am doing what I love and I am loving what I'm doing. For the first time in my working life, I feel fulfilled because I am carrying out what I believe to be my true purpose: using my God-given gifts and talents to bring out the best in people. I am encouraging them to renew their belief in themselves, to be courageous and to ask questions such as, "What if I were to do things differently?"

The world encourages us to seek happiness outside of ourselves. Make a "U-turn" instead. Discover, by means of life coaching, how true happiness lies within us. Take some time to get to know and understand yourself a little better. This journey will enrich you, your relationships and your work. All high achievers spend time and money on self-development.

As I reflect back on 2013 and how my journey has unfolded, I cannot help but be filled with awe and gratitude. My coaching practice is growing steadily and I am thoroughly enjoying the English tutoring that I am doing. My life has come full circle, as teaching was my first profession.

I would like to thank all those who have accepted my invitation to experience the benefits of life coaching, my own integral life coach, Brenda Eckstein, my graphic designer, Candice Bauer, my web developer, Tyron Bache, Fran Bennewith, a Social Media expert, Bill Burridge, the director of New Insights, Cherri Forsyth, (my New Insights Supervisory Coach), Melanie Veness and the staff and members of the Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business, Ali Engelbrecht and the members of Women in Business, Hilary Teal and the members of BizWhiz, my friends, my ex Old Mutual clients, my husband, Kevin, my children, Bryan and Janine and the other members of my family for all the support that you have given me this year. Without you, I could not have fulfilled my dream. I wish you a peaceful Christmas and good health and happiness in 2014.

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