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By Karen Vally on 20 May 2014

I used to think it was impossible to change. That is what I was taught to believe when I was growing up. That belief changed when I met my life coach. Since becoming a life coach myself, I am amazed at how many people feel that they are "not good enough" or that they "can't do it." Many are disheartened as a result of the pressure that their unrealistic expectations exert upon them. There is an unrelenting determination to keep busy "'doing things" all day long, as well as an unhealthy obsession with staying "connected", and an insatiable appetite for more money, status and material possessions. The world promises us that this will lead to lasting happiness.

 Some people choose to remain in this  "comfort" zone. For many, the pain that they would have to go through to change, is just not worth it. Others, however, are choosing to do things differently, because they they want  to experience the benefits of doing so. They have decided to change their way of "being." Through life coaching, they have learnt how to create new habits, and how to repond in  more constructive and positive ways. They are choosing action rather than avoidance, balance rather than excess, simplicity rather than complexity, contentedness rather than greed and clarity over uncertainty. Their confidence has grown, and they have reaped the rewards for their hard work and commitment  Their awareness is much sharper, they constantly observe themselves, and they know what to do when they fall back into their old habits. They are on a journey of "becoming." Are you?

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