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Be Yourself

By Karen Vally on 23 Aug 2014

Do you focus on what's right with you? In order to make a difference in this world, all we really need to do, is to be ourselves.

" In order to be yourself you have to know yourself. " Do you know what sort of personality you have?

Author Gregory E. Huszczo, in his very interesting book , " Making A Difference by Being Yourself,"  says that by knowing our natural tendencies, we will be better equipped to make a difference. He defines the 4 core personality types as follows:

1. Stabilizers: value logic and common sense

2. Harmonizers: value individual relationships

3. Catalysts: champion causes for others

4. Visionaries: are big picture orientated

 Which description fits your personality type? Or are you a combination of one or more of the above?

Human beings have a basic need to love and be loved. By making a difference in the life of someone else, we give our lives meaning and purpose. Making a difference encourages collaboration rather than competition or self-absorption.

We are all one of a kind - entirely unique, each with a different gift or talent. Let us wake up each morning with gratitude and accept ourselves exactly as we are. As we learn and grow, becoming better and better at whatever our gift or talent is, we shall feel alive and more connected to the world around us. 


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