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By Karen Vally on 27 Oct 2014

Ever wished that your holiday didn't have to come to an end because you just love feeling so happy and free? The reason why we feel so blissfully happy when we're on holiday, is because we enjoy every moment, acutely aware that our time there is limited. So what could we do differently in order to sustain this feeling of bliss?

"The quality of your life is not dictated by what you do - it's how you feel about your actions that matters." The author of "Blissology The Art & Science of Happiness," Andy Baggott, says that we should first identify the source of our unhappiness, and then explore ways of changing it. Achieving happiness takes understanding and skill, he says, but there is nothing complicated about it. The only thing that prevents people from discovering it, he explains, is "its simplicity." One of the first things he does when he wakes up in the morning, is to "set" his day. How do you set yours?

"If ever I lose my sense of bliss, rather than waiting for the feeling to pass, I get proactive. I do something that I know will improve how I am feeling."  Do you know what to do in order to improve the way you feel?

"The art of happiness is not just about dreaming of a happier life, but becoming the perpetual artist of your life." Andy gives 5 tips on how to create harmony and balance in our lives:
1. Always be yourself
2. Do not be concerned about what others think of you
3. Hold no strong preferences towards anything
4. Be creative
5. Meditate

"Prime yourself to make the very best of every moment. Tap into your unlimited resourcefulness so that you easliy adjust to unexpected situations. Above all have fun. Treat every day as an adventure, and be ready to be surprised at the wonder and magic of this amazing world we live in. If you paint every day with bright colours and blissful feelings, your future will always be bright."

Remember, happiness is the birthright of every human being and that it is only one thought away. Let go of everything that isn't you and you will see that, "the world is your oyster, and there are unlimited pearls for you to discover."


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