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Quality Control

By Karen Vally on 17 Nov 2014

What if we were to do things differently today?
Most of us live our lives just going through the motions. What if we were to spend some time examining WHY we do the things that we do?
Are we happy with the quality of our lives? What aspects of our behaviour would we like to change?
Creating a new habit is not easy, as it is usually accompanied by feelings of fear, doubt and insecurity. When we are convinced of the benefits of these changes, we feel encouraged and motivated to explore our options, make our choices and then to take that first step. Some people believe that taking the first step is the most difficult part, but sustaining the momentum can be even more challenging. We are often easily derailed by more alluring distractions. The key to our success is to get back on track as quickly as possible by reminding ourselves of the benefits, and to reward ourselves for small successes. Finding someone to encourage and support us rather than going it alone, can also make this transition a lot less painful.
What if we were to conduct a quality control check of our habits? By aligning our behaviour with our priorities, we can greatly enhance the quality of our lives.
It all begins with a sharper awareness, observing ourselves more closely and then creating new more beneficial habits, ones that don't limit us or hold us back.
What if we were to do things differently today? And then to consistently keep on keeping on with that new way of doing or being?


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