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By Karen Vally on 16 Dec 2014

What do you deeply desire? Why do you want it? How are you going to get it? To discover possible ways of  doing things differently involves some form of analysis or close examination. What needs to stay the same? What should be discarded? What if we were to...

1. Believe in ourselves.
2. Have the courage to do things differently. Know our purpose.
3. Ignore distractions Be creative.
4. Be consistent, flexible and adaptable.
5. Practise patient acceptance.
6. Ask for help and never ever give up.
7. Be grateful, hopeful, contented and humble.
8. Create a balance by planning and managing our time effectively.
9. Be kind to ourselves.
10. Seek wisdom, understanding and compassion.

Our creative mind is one of our greatest assets, so if we want to be successful in life, we need to spend time and money on our personal development. Know one thing for sure. A treasure lies within us. So do all the answers to our life's questions. Find your "diamond" and polish it until it shines. And then go out into the world and tell your story. We all love hearing stories. Who knows, you might just encourage someone else to go within to discover their "diamond." Just imagine living in a world surrounded by people who are constantly using and developing their "diamonds." There are only two directions really worth taking in life - the one is within, and the other is UP.

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