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Turning Point

By Karen Vally on 17 Jan 2015

Have you ever felt as if your whole world has fallen apart or that you just can't take any more? A close friend of mine has faced a number of challenges during the past few years. She has endured constant pain, the source of which has only recently been diagnosed. She has suffered numerous hurts from family members and consequently has really struggled to find her true purpose.

Recently, things got so bad, that she just wanted to run away and never come back. Fortunately, she and her husband and their two daughters had booked a beach holiday, so the opportunity to get away for a well deserved break came just in time.
"...a crisis can be a turning point where we move forward in a new and productive direction. It can create an opportunity that we would never have had if things had stayed the same." Solly Ozrovech

I have been astonished by the radical transformation in her attitude and way of being. What has enabled her to convert her desperation into hope? Every morning, she got up early and watched the sunrise on the beach. She has always felt a deep connection with the ocean, and is open to the lessons that she can learn from it. She has spent time in deep conversation with her husband, and together they have created a new vision, strengthened by their new common values. New goals have been set, and exciting plans are unfolding. She has been inspired by what she has been reading, and has spent time in quiet contemplation. She has a strong desire to do things differently. Now that her pain has subsided, she can start exercising again. She is about to start studying, as she has finally found a career about which she is passionate. 

Her desire to run away has been replaced by an eagerness to follow a new path by creating new habits and consistently following them through. Now that she has taken time to create some space in her life, she is ready to " stretch those muscles."

What turning point have you experienced? In what way has your life been enhanced by it? What are you doing to develop your ability to recognize the possibilities that can often be obscured by adversity?


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