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Digging Deep

By Karen Vally on 26 Feb 2015

We're strange creatures, us human beings aren't we? We complain a lot and spend a lot of time and energy focusing on what's missing in our lives and what's wrong with us. We stay in our "comfort zones" despite the fact that we suffer from frustration, disillusionment or a lack of fulfillment or all three. What if we were to start paying close attention to the things that we do? What if we began to notice patterns? What if we were able to recognise the triggers before we became frustrated, disillusioned or demotivated?

If we were to ask ourselves the following 4 questions:
Who am I?
What do I want?
How am I going to get it?
Why do I want it?

I am fairly certain that we would need to stop whatever we were doing, and give these questions some thought before responding. Most of us are so busy rushing through life spending our time attending to the needs of others, that the only time we pay any attention to ourselves, is when we fall ill, are injured or get a wake up call. What if we were to spend a few minutes alone each day, trying to get to know and understand ourselves a little better? What if we were to transport ourselves back to our roots when we were curious, unstoppable toddlers? Nothing stopped us from successfully learning to walk and thereafter, learning to talk. And many of us have gone on, years later, to successfully learn to drive.

Why not "dig deep" and ask this question: " If I successfully learnt to walk, talk and drive why do I doubt my ability  to accomplish anything to which I set my mind?" What if we were to shift our focus - to look at our lives from a different perspective and to explore different possibilities? What if we were to "dig deep," find our "treasure" (our gifts, talents and strengths) and use them to unlock our limitless potential?

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