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Shifting Focus

By Karen Vally on 21 Mar 2015

Some people are paralyzed by procrastination or avoidance, while others struggle to sustain momentum, but there exist many who are disciplined, consistent, tenacious and therefore accomplish their goal. What is their secret?

The secret lies in having clarity, and in the small steps. If a goal is broken down into small steps, it feels much more achievable. A little reward on completion of each step often increases our level of motivation and enthusiasm. Then there are  are those who see future value in asking for professional help. Having someone to support and encourage us is much less  daunting than going it alone.

Progress is fuelled by an increase in confidence and courage. These can be rekindled. We were all unstoppable toddlers once, and curious. We explored every available possibility and never ever gave up. " Every child is a genius until someone convinces them they are not."

" The philosophy behind coaching is to honour and respect your natural ability and to offer you the opportunity to enrich it."

What if you were to shift your focus away from the regrets of the past and the uncertainty of the future, and ask yourself, "What could I do differently?" What if you were to list your gifts, talents and strengths and explore ways in which you could improve them?  It is often the small changes that have the biggest impact.

Where does the greatest future value lie? In comparing ourselves with others and worrying about what they think, or in being ourselves, making wise decisions and striving for excellence?


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