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The " Safe Harbour "

By Karen Vally on 15 Jun 2015

What is a "comfort zone" and why does it have such power to keep us there?

"Life doesn't come with guarantees...Whether you succeed or fail, taking a risk will stretch you and give you faith in your strengths and abilities, and the confidence to do more."

In our comfort zone, we feel in control, safe and at ease. It's warm, cozy and homely so we feel supported. When we're in familiar territory, we do things automatically, there is minimal anxiety and the outcome is acceptable. In this mode, our journey through life feels easier.

So why do we find the idea of leaving our "safe harbour" so terrifying? The truth is, risk is very scary. It requires letting go of that which is certain and predictable to usher in something brand new and unfamiliar. It brings with it feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, discomfort and uneasiness.

What are the benefits of sailing out of our "safe harbour?"
- it teaches us how to conquer our fears
- increases our awareness of our gifts, talents, strengths and interests
- encourages us to think of new ideas
- creates new opportunities
- we grow because we feel more alive
- and we are more proactive.

How do we develop the courage to take a calculated risk?
- by being ourselves
- taking small steps
- learning the required skills
- asking for assistance and support
- recalling past successes
- and persevering.

We are NOT our comfort zones. We have CREATED them. We therefore have the power to sail away from them. Then we can thrive in ways we never thought were possible.

" A successful person is willing to try new, interesting and challenging things. They can push their boat out that little bit further. "

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