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The Perpetual Artist

By Karen Vally on 21 Jul 2015

What do you really want? If there were no obstacles at all, what would you most like to be, do and have?

" The art of living happiness is not just about dreaming of a happier life, but becoming the perpetual artist of your life, " says Andy Baggott, author of a book called, "Blissology: The Art & Science of Happiness."

It sounds so easy, doesn't it? How do we transform the mundane and monotonous routine of our daily lives into "living happiness?"

Imagine if we were to become as unstoppable, fearless and determined as the toddler we once were, filled with courage and self-belief. What if we were ready to learn and grow and change by doing things differently?

What would it take for us to strengthen our positive beliefs and to discard all our negative ones, to clarify our values, to create a new set of rules by which to live our daily lives and to really understand our needs and how to get them met?

What if we were to start asking ourselves questions again, to learn how to communicate effectively and to discover the REAL reason why we were put on this earth?

Why would we choose to just "exist" when we can learn how to really "live?" Why scratch the surface when we could "dig deeper" and discover a treasure - a life of joy, despite our daily challenges. Why wait? Pick up the paintbrush, choose the colours and become the "perpetual artist of your life."

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