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The Driving Force

By Karen Vally on 24 Sep 2015

When did you last say to yourself, " Life is so good, " only to find yourself shortly thereafter, faced with a major change, challenge or an unexpected surprise? We are so easily lulled into a false sense of comfort, aren't we?

" Uncertainty is the essence of life and it fuels opportunity. " Tina Seelig.

Did you know that our behaviour is driven by our needs and that we get them met in different ways? So, what are the 6 Human Needs? They are: Certainty, Variety, Significance, Love and Connection, Growth and Contribution.

1. Certainty: The need to be sure of particular aspects of our lives.
2. Variety: The need to experience new and exciting things.
3. Significance: The need to feel that we matter and have a role to play.
4. Love & Connection: The desire to bond with someone or something..
5. Growth: The desire to progress, develop and be fulfilled.
6. Contribution: The desire to make a difference.

I wonder if you have ever given any thought to what your needs are, and how you get them met? Just as each of us is unique, so too do we get our needs met in very different ways. It is useful to know that whenever we're in a situation where we feel uncomfortable, it is usually because 1 or more of our needs is not being met. Identify the need, and then ask yourself, "What could I do differently?"

Consider the following:

1. What do I need more of in my life right now, certainty or variety? Why?
2. In which areas of my life do I like certainty and in which do I prefer variety?
3. How regularly have I felt significant in my life? What was I doing?
4. Who loves me? Who do I love? What enables me to feel connected to someone or something?
5. Which opportunities have enabled me to grow to the greatest extent? How do I ensure that I grow now?
6. How would I like to make a difference in this world? What legacy would you I like to leave behind?

With these deeper insights into why we behave in particular ways, may you discover many opportunities in the uncertainties of your life. 



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