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By Karen Vally on 16 Dec 2015

What if you were to imagine your life as a blank canvas for 2016? What colours would you choose to paint on it? What word would you choose to inspire you? What one sentence or statement would change the way you think?

Of what are you really proud this year? In which situations did you use your gifts, talents and strengths and what did you do really well?

We have approximately 45 000 - 51 000 thoughts each day, the majority of which, according to research, are negative. Some of our thoughts, when influenced by our upbringing, our education, our environment and our experiences, become solidified into beliefs. Most of us are unaware of this process, and completely oblivious of the role that these beliefs play in our lives. And very few people realise how easy it is to strengthen our positive beliefs and destroy our negative ones. Simply find as many reasons as possible to support that positive belief, and find as many as possible to DISPROVE the negative one. Simple, isn't it? Practised by the majority of the human race? Unfortunately not.

What if you wanted to shine? What if you realised the future value of making a small change in your life? "  What if you were to choose an affirmation, a short, powerful statement of something that you want to be true, and began to say it every time you look in the mirror?

And what if that wasn't all? What if you then picked up a pen and a piece of paper and began to dream...until you had created a Mission Statement, your future narrative and your goal for 2016?

And what if you created a Vision Board? I did all of those, and I am so excited about the imminent arrival of 2016...

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