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Feeling Comfortable

By Karen Vally on 25 Apr 2016

Ever wondered why we feel uncomfortable in certain situations? It's usually because one or more of our needs is not being met. What are these needs to which I am referring? They are the need for: certainty; variety; significance; love and connection, growth and contribution.

Most people think that it is our beliefs and values that determine our actions. In fact, it is the desire to have our needs met, that propels our behaviour.

I invite you to spend a few moments listing those needs mentioned above, in order of priority. By observing our behaviour more closely, we soon become more aware of how we get these needs met. If we desire a different outcome, we simply need to explore the possibility of creating a new habit and then consistently carry it out. If we understand our needs, this will enable us to feel more comfortable in almost any situation. It is important to know that we all get our needs met in different ways. But there is one thing that is certain - people the world over, are searching for pleasure and trying their utmost to avoid pain and suffering. We will live a fulfilled life if we align our behaviour and our habits with our core values, those qualities or characteristics that are most dear to us.

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