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Our Blind Spots

By Karen Vally on 21 Jun 2016

" When I discover a blind spot (and this can be as frequently as a few times a day) and actively address it, I evolve into a better human being." A blind spot is an accurate metaphor used to describe our inability to see things as they really are. The most obvious feature of a blind spot, is that we need someone else to help us identify it, says Dr Mariette Jansen.

 Blind spots are aspects of ourselves ( such as our character traits, values, actions or habits) of which we are unaware, but which others find easy to pinpoint. How would we know that we have a blind spot? Well, have you ever asked yourself this question, "Why does this always happen to me?" It is these mysteriously similar, repetitive outcomes that provide us with the vital clue. But how receptive are we to interpreting these clues?

Identifying our blind spots can be like trying to locate the wind, or trying to examine the back of our own head. The most efficient strategy would be to enlist the help of someone else, or a group of people, and to ask them this question, " Is there any aspect of my character or behaviour that is obvious to you, but of which I seem to be completely oblivious?" Such an exercise can be scary, so it is advisable to prepare ourselves thoroughly to receive their feedback.

If left unchecked, our blind spots have the potential to rob us of our happiness, inner peace and sense of purpose. They can hold us hostage by impeding our growth, as well as having the potential to ruin our relationships. How can we eliminate them? We need to dig deeper, raise our awareness and practise doing things differently. For instance, a person who is rarely on time, could, for a period of 7 days, set an alarm to ensure that he or she arrives early. Someone who is impatient, could practise yoga or meditation and someone who talks a lot, could practise listening more.

 By identifying and understanding our blind spots, we increase our level of self awareness. " The net result is a speedier progression toward achieving our own level of greatness."

Unearthing our blind spots means embarking on a bumpy ride, but it can also lead to new, exciting and undiscovered aspects of ourselves. By engaging in this lifelong activity, we will be able to create lasting relationships, successful ventures and enjoy inner peace.

"Breaking the courtesy barrier by asking for the truth can change (our) lives..." 

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