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A Burning Desire

By Karen Vally on 21 Jul 2016

"What if...?" These two words have the power to change our lives. I recently met someone who is trying to give up smoking. At our first meeting, she felt proud that she hadn't smoked for a number of days. When I bumped into her again a few days later, she bashfully confessed that she had begun smoking again. " I work such long hours and my current job is so stressful. When I start my new job, it will be much easier, as none of the staff smoke."

What if we had a "burning desire" to establish a new habit, accomplish a certain goal or fulfill our purpose? What exactly is "a burning desire" and how do we cultivate it? What difference would it make to the way we go about our daily lives? Who could help us find this vital key to success?

A "burning desire" is a strong, intense and all-consuming feeling deep within us which gives us the power to perform certain carefully chosen actions, and to continue doing so. When we are convinced of the benefits of our particular course of action, the ability to sustain our commitment is strengthened. Our staying power is enhanced each time we decide to persevere instead of giving up.

We can either choose to go through the motions on automatic each day, or we can choose to wake up energised and enthusiastic at the thought of being given yet another opportunity to do things differently. What if we were to do a quality control check on our thoughts, words and actions? When did we last read an inspiring book? Who would we choose as a role model or mentor? How could we change our lifestyle and the spaces in which we live and work?

Crucial to our success, is a deep knowledge and a real understanding of exactly why we have chosen to pursue that path, and a realisation that motivation comes after action. If we have within us a "burning desire" and we believe in our limitless potential, then we become unstoppable.

"A burning desire is the starting point of all accomplishment. Just like a small fire cannot give much heat, a weak desire cannot produce great results. The motivation to succeed comes from the burning desire to achieve a purpose." 


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