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Just Imagine

By Karen Vally on 17 Nov 2016

We are all born with an extraordinary gift which, if used regularly and effectively, has the power to provide us with the quality of life that we desire. This gift never runs out and it is our constant companion. We, however, use it during our formative years, but thereafter, discard it, as something to be used only by children. We choose instead, to live a busy life, governed largely by fears, doubts and worries until someone, or something, wakes us up from this illusion by rekindling our childhood curiosity. Ask me, or anyone else who has had their life transformed by imagining what it would be like if their dream were to come true. All we need to do, is to uncover our story and then realise that we can rewrite it!

If we take the time to imagine the outcome that we desire and then fill in all the details of what that would actually be like, then our subconscious mind absorbs this idea. We immediately feel excited and motivated at the possibility of our dream coming true. Our subconscious mind knows no limits, and together with our imagination, plays a huge role in transforming our dreams into reality.  Hard work combined with  hope, courage, perseverance and passion  will ultimately enable us to arrive at our goal.

" The individual most likely to prevail is the one who believes in possibilities - an optimist, a creative thinker, a person who has a sense of power and control."

We can all visualize something new if we give ourselves  the time and space in which to do so. Our biggest obstacle arrives in the form of a few negative beliefs such as, "This is impossible!" or "I have no choice!" or "I'm just not good enough!" Until we decide to shift our focus and to explore other possibilities, this "dance" will take us down a very dark and uncomfortable road. By replacing negative thoughts with positive ones and enhancing our surroundings, we can replace this despair with hope.

 Spend time alone, away from all distractions, and be acutely aware of all your senses. Stretch that muscle called your imagination regularly, by meditating, playing or taking up a new hobby. Trust it even more. It will open many new doors...

" Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions." Our imagination, strenghthened by our feelings, is connected to our subconscious mind which activates the events required to bring to life what our imagination has created. Let us use our imagination as if it were a magnet. Unleash it and allow it to soar. It will bring growth, happiness, confidence and fulfillment in return.


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