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An Open Mind

By Karen Vally on 13 Jan 2017

There is always such an obsession leading up to New Year's Day and during the month of January around " New Year's Resolutions," that I thought I would use this opportunity to explore this common human experience a little more deeply. I found myself empathising with those who, within a matter of  days, fail to meet their often unrealistic expectations and end up reverting to their old ways. What so many people don't realise, is that there is a more effective way of bringing about lasting change. If we begin by changing our thoughts and beliefs, it is much easier to find ways in which to convert our current behaviour. True change actually happens "from the inside out."

When we replace our resistance with flexibility, adaptability and an open mind, we soon experience incredible results. Some find it as easy as breathing, but for most of us, it is a daily challenge. "Opening your mind is the first step to unleashing the unlimited power within you."

Reminding ourselves that we are all unique human beings gifted with a free will and the ability to create new and innovative ideas, how do we stop ourselves from jumping to conclusions and making impulsive decisions? One expert provides some suggestions:

1. Keep the ego in check.
2. Avoid hasty decisions. Establish the facts first.
3. Refrain from being critical and judgemental.
4. Listen intently before responding.
5. Have faith in your ability.
6. Practise meditation which calms the mind.
7. Pray.
8. Be hopeful.

 Let us begin this challenge by being acutely aware of our judgements and questioning their validity. Let's challenge our thoughts more regularly and learn to see things from the other person's point of view. In our relationships, let us remain silent in the event of a disagreement, choosing to rather discuss the matter a little later, when we're both calmer. Let's also learn to be mindful of each other's state of mind. Most importantly of all, let us accept that we're not always going to be right.

When we cultivate an open mind, our world flourishes. We accept others more easily and are less likely to harbour prejudices. We are no longer held back by our negative beliefs. We have a greater capacity to love and be loved and are more likely to focus on our health, family and friends.We are likely to have a greater degree of optimism, patience and tolerance and, because we're willing to explore new things, we are bound to have more fun. Problem solving becomes easier, as we practise exploring more than one possible solution to our problems. It is only when we open our minds, that lasting change can take place. By keeping an open mind, we are more likely to accomplish our dreams. An open mind provides a platform on which those dreams can be built.

Let us step out of our comfort zones and expand our horizons. I wonder know what treasures we'll find along the way.....


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