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By Karen Vally on 08 Sep 2017

What if we were all to commit to becoming lifelong learners by voluntarily committing to mastering a new skill or spending time increasing our knowledge about some aspect of our lives?  In order to keep our bodies fit and healthy, it is imperative to exercise regularly. In the same way, if we wish to keep our minds agile and our memories sharp, one of the best ways to achieve this, is  to master a new skill.

While the process of learning may involve enduring a certain amount of pain, accomplishing one's goal brings with it an enormous amount of satisfaction and pride.

" Incorporating learning into your everyday activities requires a change in habits, but it's one that's worth the effort. People who don't push themselves to continuously learn, fail to come up with new ideas, struggle to obtain new perspectives and grow stale in their skills." Kelsey Meyer.

We don't all have to register for a doctorate or a masters degree in a particular field of study. We could engage in an activity such as reading a book, partaking in a quizz, tackling a crossword puzzle, learning a new language or joining a dance class. We could even choose to do a refresher course of some sort. For those of us who are a little more ambitious, there are a multitude of skills or qualifications that one could acquire, many of which are freely avaible on the internet. So there is no excuse...all that is required is a certain level of motivation and an allocation of a portion of our time each day.

The rewards are huge. Our lives are enriched, we feel fulfilled, we grow more confident, we meet new people and we adapt more easily and effectively to our rapidly changing world. And we create an opportunity to have some fun.

We have a choice. We can either choose to remained trapped in our daily routine of mundane tasks or we can create some space for some daily learning to take place...

What if we were to view the world as our classroom and become students of life? Our decision making and problem solving skills will greatly improve when we engage in a process of continuous learning. Create a " To-Learn List" today and develop an insatiable appetite to know more. Seize every opportunity, in whatever shape or form, to  increase your knowledge. Make this a daily priority. Join the club - The Lifelong Learners Club. It will be worth it.

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