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By Karen Vally on 16 Oct 2017

Most of us believe that we possess the intellectual capacity to grasp ideas, concepts and skills relatively quickly. But when we begin to practise a newly acquired skill, we soon realise that our sense of mastery is often a little premature. It is only when we  continue practising, ask someone for feedback, modify our approach and then practise again, that we really begin to improve.

" All practice takes hard work but not all hard work is practice."

When we practise, we use our newly acquired skills and build on them. We experience breakthroughs and, much to our amazement, often become unstoppable.

" In a world that is increasingly focused on status and celebrity, it is often forgotten that what distinguishes enduring talent from flash-in-the-pan celebrities, is repeated, tedious, dogged, painful-til-it-hurts practice."

Practice can easily be scheduled into our daily routine and we can return to it at any time. Choose lasting change rather than a temporary effect. 

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